september 2018

Michel Duprez’s news: auteur cinema, docu and series

Christophe Karabache’s new feature film, Ultravokal, kicked off his festival career with, among other things, the award for best soundtrack at the South Films ans Arts Academy Festival (Chile). This prize rewards four composers in the credits, and marks a first collaboration between Vincent Honca and Michel Duprez. A decidedly electro soundtrack for a hard and disturbing film. Ultravokal is selected for the Western Film Festival in Almeria, which will take place shortly. Michel Duprez therefore crosses again the steps of Vincent Fournier, who had already produced the multi-award winning Landscapes, as well as the UFO Zero Zero Belge.

Michel’s news is also H.A.N. Three letters for Hommes, Animaux, Nature, a documentary series by Sébastien Derave produced by Agent Double. After the R.T.B.F., it is the VRT and then TV5 Monde that will welcome the films on their airwaves.

On TV, Michel also wrote music for the series of Football, made in Russia capsules, produced by Take Five, which we saw on RTBF during the last World Cup.

For the next part, it will soon be time to discuss Unit 42’s Season II, for which Thierry Plas and Michel Duprez have begun to imagine the first tracks. Writing is in full swing for the team of five writers led by Charlotte Joulia, and shooting will begin in a few months.

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