feature documentary

The pitch

In the small communal school of Cheratte, a former mining town, immigrant students complete their primary cycle with Brigitte, a dynamic teacher. The film follows these children in their daily lives, throughout the school year. The pedagogical approach of the teacher, linked to the neighboring coal mining, allows them to build themselves in a world changing in the face of social networks and the questioning of Islam after the terrorist attacks. Narrated by the children’s voices, the links between past, present and future are weaving, allowing a whole community to integrate in a bright and colorful patchwork.

From :  Les films de la Passerelle


In this film directed by Thierry Michel and Pascal Colson, I was in charge of generics, themes related to childhood and its freshness, as well as those relating to the passage to a nearby adolescence and its doubts. For his part, the composer Liégeois François Petit dealt with music related to coal mining.

Technical data sheet

Director :  Thierry Michel and Pascal Colson

Production :  Les films de la passerelle

Produced by :  Christine Pireaux

Editing :  Idriss Gabel

Music composed by :  Romain Geuzaine, François Petit and Michel Duprez

Year of production :  2016

Duration :  98 minutes