documentary series

The pitch

Cinekino is a documentary series about the tremendous diversity of European cinema. In 10 episodes of 26 minutes, the authors Jean Ollé-Laprune and Rainer Rother present the richness and celebrate the particularity of a shimmering, bubbling and nuanced cinema.

For the 60 years of the Treaty of Rome, this series by Laurent Heynemann and Matthias Luthard emerges as a necessary reminder that our Europe is not only economic or financial. In the absence of political unity, it can (and must) claim a cultural identity.

This series works wonderfully, unveiling small and big story of a cinema that we finally know quite little.

Four episodes are in production: France, Germany, Italy and Belgium. Six other nations will follow this year.

Excerpt :  La chèvre
Excerpt :  Claudia Cardinale
Excerpt :  Catherine Deneuve
Excerpt :  Pinocchio
Full episode :  Germany (in deutsch)
Full episode :  Great Britain (in deutsch)

Technical sheet

Written by : Jean Olé-Laprune and Rainer Rother

Directed by : Laurent Heynemann and Matthias Luthard

Co-production : Auditoire Idéale / Zero One Film / ARTE GEI

Produced by : Hélène Le Cœur / Anne-Claire Martin

Music composed by : Michel Duprez

Main theme performed by : Yves Gourmeur, Adrien Tyberghein and Michel Duprez

Music produced by : General Score, Paul Englebert

Associate production company : Images Création, Martine Barbé

Year of production : 2016-2017

Duration : 10 x 26 minutes