long-métrage documentaire

The pitch

Terra Masonica presents a world tour of Freemasonry in 80 boxes.  From the USA to Brazil, from Norway to Patagonia, passing through France, Scotland, Mali, India, etc., the director Tristan Bourlard gathers, camera in hand, rare images and testimonies.  At the end of a titanic work, he brings together a very diverse material.

Far from clichés and preconceived ideas, Tristan Bourlard meets ordinary Freemasons and presents their current reality with simplicity, in a world in profound change.

Source :  terramasonica.com

Technical data sheet

Director :  Tristan Bourlard

Production :  Nexus Factory

Produced by :  Sylvain Goldberg and Serge de Poucques

Mixing :  Stéphane Owen

Music composed by :  Michel Duprez

Additional music :  Yves Gourmeur, Tim Gouverneur, Arnaud Blanpain, Thierry Plas, Simon Fransquet and Sylvain Goldberg

Year of production :  2016-2017

Duration :  2 x 60 minutes for television, 90 minutes for cinema