feature film by Christophe Karabache

The pitch

An unbalanced murderer leaves town and walks aimlessly.  His path crosses that of a witch connected to nature.  A strange, organic and conflicting relationship develops, halfway between life and death.  The two characters, the man and the woman, each have a power of their own: the power to take life for one, and to give it back for the other.

Here Christophe Karabache makes a film of great power, faithful to his personal touch: a cinema that is both organic and symbolic, a bewitching mystical fable with vividly flayed contours.

For this particular sensory journey, Michel Duprez has constructed some rough and epic, dark and bewitching soundscapes, but has also abandoned himself to a form of hovering deconstruction.  Note the creative participation of Vincent Honca in the additional music.

Many awards – release in France

Like its predecessor Ultravokal, Vortex is already leading an exceptional career in festivals, with 17 awards worldwide to date.

The release of the film in France is scheduled for April 29, 2020.

Technical data sheet

Title :  Vortex

Directed by :  Christophe Karabache

Produced by :  Elias Sfeir

Original Music :  Michel Duprez

Additional music :  Vincent HONCA

Year of production :  2019