The pitch

Samuel Leroy and Billie Vebber are Unit 42, an elite division in charge of the fight against cybercrime. Cops from different schools, which are almost entirely opposed, Sam and Billie will have to solve particularly complex investigations, faced with dark, violent, even perverse criminals. Angular stories, shocking images enjoying an implacable photography.

Unit 42 is part of our time, while juggling the failings of our (in)humanity. By revealing the excesses of a hyper-connected world, each episode finally highlights the immutable: the human being, his impulses, his neuroses. And in doing so, the series takes on a dense body, which prevents the technological framework from being relegated to the rank of a mere anecdote.

The music, composed by Thierry Plas and Michel Duprez, was intended to reveal these issues. Moving away from the classical character-by-character approach, the composers’ work focused on emotional situations and issues, trying to open up the viewer’s perceptions more than locking him into one-way feelings. The slightly improbable textures were explored, mixing harsh strings and vintage electro, reflecting the images, situations and psychologies encountered.

Technical data sheet

Title :  Unit 42

Written by :  Charlotte Joulia, Annie Carels, Julie Bertrand

Produced by :  John Engel for Left Field Ventures

Directed by :  Indra Siera, Roel Mondelaers and Hendrik Moonen

With :  Patrick Ridremont, Constance Gay, Tom Audenaert, Roda Fawaz

Music composed by :  Thierry Plas and Michel Duprez

Making of :  mediaFAZ

Year of production :  2017

Duration :  10 x 52 minutes