Humans, Animals, Nature

TV-series documentary by Sébastien Derave

The pitch

Han-sur-Lesse Park is a unique place in the world, in the process of obtaining the status of a UNESCO protected site. It is a renowned Geopark, a site of major geological interest in Europe.  Moreover, its famous caves, discovered almost 250 years ago, have attracted more than thirty million visitors. Indeed, the Han Caves, crossed by the river La Lesse, are a witness to the evolution of our planet, and in this film inspire us to witness the origin of species and the perpetual cycle of life. (source Agent Double)

Similarly, this series by Sébastien Derave immerses us in the daily life of the guardians of this wild nature.  Caretakers, veterinarians and rangers are the heroes of a daily adventure unlike any other.  From episode to episode, they evoke their passion for Animals and Nature.  They share their emotions of joy and sadness, their moments of fullness or anger, their doubts, their fears.  Also and especially, they share their hopes.


The H.A.N. saga was broadcast this summer on RTBF, with one episode per week. She will soon continue her adventure on the VRT and then on TV5 Monde.

About the music

Certainly in this title, everything is said. H.A.N. is above all an adventure, or rather adventures, those experienced by the Rangers, as well as the rare and surprising animals we meet there. Large spaces, wild species, very strong moments, it was necessary for this series to have a wide and generous music, very particular atmospheres (especially for the caves), textures sometimes rough, sometimes epic, which allow to accompany a story in perpetual movement, and to confer to each episode a particular identity, while preserving the color of the series.

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Technical data sheet

Title : Humans, Animals, Nature

Produced by : Etienne Dontaine and Serge Nagels (Agent Double)

Directed by : Sébastien Derave

Editing : Xavier Ziomek

Original music : Michel Duprez

Year of production : 2018

Duration : 8 x 26 minutes